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Proverbs of 36 yr old man

Eyes on the Sheperd. I must keep my eyes of faith on the Sheperd. He will lead me to a still peaceful life, to a green pasture of contentment. When I let my eyes wander from the Sheperd, I start to get jealous of other sheep. How come they have greener pastures than me? Why do they have more access to still waters than me? I start to not be satisfied with what I have under my feet. The Sheperd sees my ungrateful face and hears my murmuring and complaining. But He still tries to get my attention and points to a beautiful fruit tree coming my way. He then grabs a big juicy peaceable fruit and feeds me from his own personal hand. The juice of the fruit mixes with my tears, as the taste of his love reminds me how good He is to me. He cleans my face with his robe and sweetly says, follow me. I must keep my eyes on Jesus and not be lead astray by a flock of sheep. Study Heb. 12:2 

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