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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

The amazing human spirit. Whatever your going through God can use. Nothing goes wasted because of the wisdom and power of the Lord. From the scum of the earth God can raise up sons and daughters. From the hurt and trodden down God can lift up broken hearts. What causes a person with a disability to inspire another with that same kind of disability? Or a veteran from war being inspired by a service animal? Or even regular everyday people encouraged by those around them that are less fortunate and have less opportunity? Its the amazing human spirit that God has given us. It has always been meant to be a light to this world and a fire to the darkness. To be water for thirsty souls, and a safe place for lonely people to take refuge. Our human spirit is so amazing because Christ lives in us, the hope of glory. Our intuition and zest for life can only take us so far because of sin and death. Oh but what amazing things the human spirit can do when filled with the Presence of Christ! Go and light up your world with your fiery human spirit. Be amazing because Jesus is. Study Is. 9:2

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