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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The gravity of sin is lost to many in this world. Its not just that breaking a command of God is wrong in itself. And its not just about the perverseness of sin that should shock you. The horrible thing about any sin is that you are wagging your finger in Gods face knowingly with no remorse. Having no respect for the things of God, let alone the purity of a thing. But having no honor in Gods presence or sovereignty is another thing entirely. There needs to be an influence of fear in our hearts when dealing with sin. Fear that any sin if left to fester can bring distance to our relationship with Christ. It was a righteous fear that prompted Noah to build the ark of salvation for the coming flood. Fearing God Himself and not just his commands is what motivated Noah. When you get reverential fear for the Lord you start to fear for others who know not Christ. It should weigh you down to the point of preaching with tears for lost souls to come to know Jesus. People need to know about the terrible day of judgment coming. But use the terror of the Lord not to terrify but to persuade. Sin and death in the end is not just about disobedient things on a list you have done. No, it is actually trampling on the blood of Christ, the sacrifice for sins made for us to know true spirit and life. We have the opportunity of faith to live above the worlds sinful desires. God in Christ has called us out to know him personally and individually. What a shame if we made our lives about arguing with God about petty sins instead of pursuing Him in the message of the Gospel. Its time we take God seriously at his word and follow him. Getting to know Him is enough reason for repentance. If your trying to tip toe the line of commandment pleasing instead of pursuing relationship with Christ. You have missed it entirely. Only Jesus Himself working in your life daily, can you live up to this calling of holiness. Meditate 1 Sam. 12:24

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