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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The road to Emmaus model is the best way to grow a relationship with Christ and believers. There is a gradual walk of life side by side with Jesus learning from Holy Spirit daily. Then we share our lives with those in the faith growing in relationship with God and man. I imagine these two men pondering about the events that just happened over the weekend. Wishing they could get spiritual clarity of the scriptures. It was In that very moment Jesus would arrive and expound in the scriptures about Himself. He stayed with them till evening and sat at the table breaking bread. He truly was Emmanuel God with us in the flesh. He wants to show you and me now from the beginning of Moses and all the Prophets about all the Scriptures concerning himself. How the Messiah had to suffer these things and then enter his glory. I pray for an Emmaus road experience today. Where God shows up and gives you spiritual clarity. Where his presence is so thick and powerful that your heart burns within you. Causing you to say, was not my heart burning within me while I talked with God in the secret place and then Scripture was opened to me. Meditate Luke 24:13-35

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