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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

The mystery of growing tall. You were a baby at one point small in stature, but then you started to grow. With every new year you grew maybe in inches or feet. Bones started expanding, muscles started stretching, and soon you were able to see things you never were able to see. There is certain mystery in growing tall. Your loved ones notice it and you yourself felt it through growing pains. 

Last year you may have been bowed low and humbled, but it doesnt mean you stopped growing. In Christ you are like a tree planted by rivers of water. Living water is running through you and the sunlight of heaven is shining over you. You are growing, you are stretching, you are extending your hands higher to the Lord in the heavens. Realizing you are growing taller and growing wiser in the knowledge of the will of God. The mystery of godliness is like the mystery of growing taller. Its the supernatural power of God growing us into the nature of Christ despite our bent for sin. Don't measure how tall you are in your faith to others. Measure how tall Christ is as He stands over your life, providing comfort and shade through all life's trials and tribulations. What you couldn't see because of your short stature you can now see because of your growth in the faith. Study Jer. 12:2 

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