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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, wean us from our independence. From always depending on our own gut and glory. From defaulting into our sinful habits and patterns for answers. God has given us dominion on this earth. We have autonomy to will and do our own things and passions. But what we all have failed to realize at one point in our lives is that anything apart from God's will is fleeting. The length of our lives is decided beforehand, the number of months we will live. God has settled it, and it can't be changed. Many people want God to leave them alone so they can find some happiness while they toil and labor in their brief life on earth. To enjoy life independently from God's word but still live in his favor and protection. Listen to this lament from the book of Job, "When a tree is chopped down, there is always the hope that it will sprout again. Its roots and stump may rot, but at the touch of water, it sprouts once again. Humans are different because we die, and that's the end". This is the thought process of the world. You only live once, so live it up and do what you want. There is in the end nothing to gain. I challenge you fellow reader to not be independent from God. Its OK to want to be your own person, set apart from this world. In fact, Christ is calling us to be different from the world and to have a different set of values and morals. What does a dependent life on God look like? We have been bombarded since children to do our best and He will do the rest. While their is no perfect answer I think to this question, I do think it can challenge us to depend on God for everything. Everyone is different in relationship to Christ. Some people are depending on God to literally feed them daily. Others have plenty of food but are learning to live on less. Whatever place you are at in life, know that everything you do and say should be done for the glory of God. Its the only we truly can depend on God, when we trust him with the littlest of things. Then we can lean on him closer with the biggest of things. Lets be more dependent on Jesus who is wisdom from God to us. He will give us passions and desires that will last longer the worlds independence.

Meditate Job 14:7

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