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Oh To Wise Meditations

I drove by a street called Dead River Road. Made me think what a dead river would look like? I imagine this long winding road that leads to the mouth of the river. On this road you would realize that it once was part of the river but now whats left has been eroded. The road is muddy like quicksand and the smell of rotting fish fills the air. The sky is blocked by interwoven trees keeping out the sunlight of heaven. Vultures and crows fly overhead looking for dead carcasses to devour. As I find a place to put down my canoe I feel no current, just dead water sitting still. Paddling through these dark waters I notice no visible life in these waters. What once looked like a promising river is quickly becoming an evaporating lake. The waters from the sea at one time flowed into this place, but now has become disconnected and dried up. The river has become parched and dry. All I could do is pull up on land and sit on an old dock and weep. Yes, weep and reminisce when this river use to have life, and life more abundantly. I see a lot of dead rivers on this road of life. If only they would reach out for salvation, especially during a torrential downpour. They would be once again be overflowed and connected to the pure seas that are filled with spirit and life.

Meditate Ps. 137:1

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