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Oh To Wise Meditations

I was watching a show last night called the good doctor and it spoke to me spiritually. I want to share something that I learned from watching this certain episode. A woman on the show came to the hospital with a broken leg and needing emergency surgery. They told her that she needed to take pain killers or sedation to complete the surgery. She refused to take it giving an unknown reason. Until later on she admitted that she was addicted to opioid medication in the past and she did not want to be put under sedation fearing being under control or addicted to the opioid once again. The show continues and ends with the woman completing major painful surgery without any help of opioid's or drugs. She would rather die in surgery than to even taste addiction again. Addiction stole everything from her and she was not willing to even have the notion of taking drugs to save her life. She hid this from her husband and family, but later confessed her past drug addiction. The reason this episode spoke to me is because letting go of the flesh and its desires is extremely difficult. Impossible with man, only possible with God. People do amazing things in their own strength and are a testament to God's invention of the human spirit. What is most amazing is seeing God transform people from death to life. It is like open heart surgery with no anesthesia. It is God in Christ removing sin that has grown a tumor in us. This woman was in so much pain and I felt it. She did not want to go back to that way of living, dependent on the drugs and addiction. I agree, I do not want to go back dependent on the things of flesh. Whatever it takes Lord hold my hand and remove sin out of my life. It hurts Lord! Holy Spirit change me, I don't want to live in the flesh anymore, and ever again! Even if if kills me, which I know one day I will die. I want the sin and the flesh gone never to come back. Living free in Spirit and truth is a gift worth protecting with my whole heart, mind, soul and strength.

Meditate Gal. 5:1

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