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Oh To Wise Meditations

The first commandment from of the original ten given to Israel was that God alone is to be worshiped. There can be no rival gods among the holy people of God. The second command forbids idols or images of created things people might be tempted to worship. And the third commandment was to not misuse the name of God by word or deed. Then the fourth command of Keeping Sabbath holy solidify's the previous first three as the next six deal with your neighbor. Think about your relationship with Christ, are these commands a reality in your day to day walk with him? Does Jesus have rivals in your life he has to contend with in your heart? Are you lusting and pursuing things that take your mind away from him? Does the life your living honor God's name and purpose on earth? With these questions being pondered in your heart and mind let the fourth command give you peace. You are to rest in Christ and just be. Enough with the pressures of doing, Jesus has already conquered our faith. We are to now walk in faith day by day in the rest God has provided for our souls. This life is not a marathon, to die and just go to heaven. Heaven has come to earth, here in the land of the living. God wants us to know Him and to become his children. Rest in the promises of God in Christ, that is a command with honoring. Amen. Meditate Ex. 20:3

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