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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, you call us your holy people. You are not ashamed to be around sinners and you associate with the outcast. Willingly forgiving wrongdoing and taking upon yourself the sin, rebellion, and wrongdoing of your people. We fall so short of your glory by far and do not deserve the grace you provide. Jesus, you look at a sinner like me after being washed by your blood and filled with Holy Spirit, you call out to me to be holy! Like a child just learning how to walk, you teach us to crawl out of our sins and to soon walk uprightly into the newness of life! Your faithfulness and love permeate the law and the covenant. Jesus, you direct my heart to the law of your word calling out to me to be holy as you are Holy. Give me your strength to be personally responsible as well as socially responsible to the grace you have called me to. Everything I do let it be holy and pleasing to your sight.

Meditate Ex. 22:31

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