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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Christ is greater for he has offered a better sacrifice. The law of Moses made men chief priests. These men were weak, as are all men. We all do wrong and we all die. The law came from God, but it had to work with weak men and women and so could never satisfy their need. In contrast, God by his word made Jesus the chief priest. Jesus is not weak as we are. He did no wrong and he came back from the dead. He continues to live a perfect life and will never die. He is able to make us clean from all sin, so that we can be with God. Because He lives we live! Jesus is the chief priest who satisfies all our needs. He is the perfect priest for us. He is much more than a human, for he is also God. He is not distant from us. He has lived on earth as a human being. He knows all the problems that we have. He knows how we feel. In all his life here he did no sin. He lived a perfect life with his God. He died to take away all that was wrong in us. As our chief priest, he always lives as our agent with God. He has taken his place with God as the king of heaven. Christ is greater than anything humanity can offer. His sacrifice is a consuming fire that will never be put out. Study Titus 2:14

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