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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Precedent. Jesus set the precedent for the old archaic principle of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Revenge is of this evil world but true redemption and justice comes from the life and death of Christ. Only in him can brutality and injustice be stopped. Even the death penalty feels like no justice when looking at the death of Jesus. People need grace and restitution, and no amount of law will do. This is why righteous precedent was started at the Cross and continues in the heart of humanity till this day. Jesus gives us a standard to live by while in a ruthless and cutthroat kind of world. Precedent definition- an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances. Judges must investigate a case thoroughly. If an accuser has brought false charges against another person, then the Judge must impose on the accuser the sentence he intended for the other person. In this way, it will purge such evil from among a society. Even Israel in their own day, dealt with capital punishment with their own hands. The witnesses must throw the first stones, and then all the people may join in. In this way, you will purge the evil from among you. The hands of witnesses were the first to throw stones and bring justice among a people. On the Cross humanity bore witness and weighed in on the person of Christ. Jesus was innocent but died a condemned man. In so doing, He completely tore down the Kingdom of the Evil on earth and humans were a witness to this with blood on their hands, the holy blood of God's Son. Precedent was set and justice was served on the Cross. On resurrection morning everything changed, as grace and forgiveness trumped law, dot and tittle. But the LORD is king forever; he has set up his throne for judgment. And he will judge the world in righteousness. He will judge the peoples with equity. It is only right for God to punish everyone who is causing you trouble, and he will give relief to you who suffer and to us as well. He will do this when the Lord Jesus appears from heaven with his mighty angels, with a flaming fire, to punish those who reject God and who do not obey the Good News about our Lord Jesus. The law of Christ is precedent set, and what we as a humanity do as a whole matters for eternity. Lord help us to live in the more harsher law of grace, where mercy reigns and true justice in brought about by the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Meditate Duet. 19:21

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