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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

Trust is a real strong motivator. It makes you grow faith through every time trust is given. In relationships trust strengthens faith. Think about it, in a marriage it takes trust to get real with a spouse lest your heart get be broken. With friends and fellowship it takes trust knowing you can open yourself up more and still be respected as a peer. And of course with God as we trust Him with more of our lives we begin to have more faith in his character and his word. Now trust falling involves hitting the floor of offense sometimes. Good people rebuke good people. A Good Heavenly Father will discipline His redeemed child. In order for trust to strengthen there needs to be friction to solidify the bond of peace. Like Peter we will take our eyes off Christ and sink into our own doubt and frailty. It is in the sinful human nature to doubt and to be skeptical. We can only trust what we have only known. It takes trust and discretion to walk in the path of righteousness. But Jesus is not walking on water for no reason. He wants us to step out in faith in trust with each other and especially with Him. We were meant to fly with angels even with no wings. Meaning to trust Gods every word and promise even if we can humanely explain. Imagine, soon you will no longer need faith to trust. You will see God as He truly is and believe face to face. For all of eternity you will have that walking on water feeling seeing Jesus catch you with every trust fall.

Study Proverbs 16:20

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