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Friday morning live zoom battle prayer 5/19/23

Friday morning zoom battle prayer link:

5:00am-6:00am. Come and go as you can.

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Battle prayer notes are available after session:

Battle prayer notes 5/19/23

Topic: Take action: Do things even afraid

So Gideon took ten of his servants and did as the LORD had commanded. But he did it at night because he was afraid of the other members of his father’s household and the people of the town.

Judges 6:27 NLT

Again, it’s easy for me to read this and see Gideon as cowardly. God commanded him to deal with the sin that had been corrupting his people, so what did he do? He took ten other people with him and snuck in at night to do it. This is not what many of us imagine a heroic leader would do. Leaders take charge, are bold, and don’t care what anyone thinks…right? But what this mindset makes me miss from the story is that Gideon was afraid, but he did it anyway, and that’s what mattered to God.

I am definitely not a “do it anyway” type of person, especially when it comes to something that might lead to conflict. I’m way more likely to practice a conversation I need to have with someone over and over again, scripting out what I’d say in response to what I predict they would say. Then once I’ve finally perfected it and try to have the conversation, I’m completely flabbergasted when the other person goes off script. 

I do this because I don’t want to say the wrong thing, or do something that could lead to more issues. I feel like I need to have all the confidence, boldness, and knowledge necessary before I  take action, but it’s never enough, and I stay stuck. 

Gideon went in the strength he had, and God took care of the rest. He took Gideon where he was at, guiding him through each step to gain more and more experience and confidence. 

When we stop getting down on ourselves for not being who we think we’re supposed to be, we end up seeing what we can do with God. We can embrace who we are and take action without feeling like we have to prove or compare ourselves, because we trust God is with us.

Before Gideon could change the nation, he had to change things in his home.

Perhaps his father served both God and *Baal. The male cow was a special animal. Perhaps Joash wanted to *sacrifice it to *Baal. God told Gideon to build another *altar on top of a rock. People probably went to that rock whenever the people from Midian attacked. They would go there for safety. (Look at verse 2.) God told Gideon to do this after he had first destroyed his father’s *altar and wooden *pole. The *altar was where people offered gifts to *Baal. And the *pole was where people praised *Asherah. These were evil things from the world round them. These things had come into their lives before anyone had noticed it.

So Gideon obeyed God and he destroyed his father’s *idol. (An *idol is an object to praise instead of God.) He had to oppose the enemy. It was better to do it at night if he was too afraid during the day. He had to do what God told him. He did not have to be a hero who would take risk.

Stand up in the culture. But before that stand up in your home and friends and community.

It is interesting that it took a son to set an example for the father -- a son who considered himself weak and insignificant. But what was begun here in delivering the spiritual tyranny and influence of Baal worship laid the groundwork for the military deliverance of Israel which was to follow.

King Saul had fear of people but did not fear God. He didn’t do what God told him to do and he lost the anointing and the Kingdom. Gideon did what God said even though he feared the people. God give him the victory through his obedience and trust in him over people.

God is patient with us. And wants to strengthen our faith through our trials.

Jesus made a whip and destroyed the money changers desk.

Gideon had that same fire maybe destroying his fathers Baal and Astheroth pole.

Does not matter in the past it’s what God is calling you to now.

From the mouth of babes. Our children can inspire us.

Gideon broke a generational curse breaking down his fathers idols.

GOD Has Not Given Us The Spirit of fear, but that of POWER 💪🏿, LOVE ❤️ and a SOUND Mind 🧠

Good Morning Brothers!!! 🙌🏿….. Where two are more are gathered, in HIS NAME, there He is in The Mist Thereof!!! 💪🏿❤️🗣️🧠

What are the things you’re afraid to do, or feel like you should already know how to do?

It doesn’t matter if you have to take people with you, be awkward about it, do it wrong or at a bad time – just decide to do it.

What extra weight has been slackening your pace? The sin that holds us back isn’t always some big scandalous thing. It could be compromising our relationship with God to find security in something else, like our own abilities, our own success, or our own comfort. Whatever is holding you back, choose to see it not as evidence of failure, but as dead weight that needs to be dropped.

Gideon needed to be sure what God wanted. So he used the wool as a test to make sure. People often needed to discover what God wanted. But that was not usually a good way to do it. In Psalm 95:5-11, the writer speaks badly about the *Israelites. This was because they tested God. In Isaiah 7:10-17, the writer speaks badly about the king. But there it was because he did not ask for a sign. We follow God by trust. We do not follow him by what we can see. The important thing about God’s advice is not how God gives it to us. The important thing is the fact that he does give it. Gideon here was different. He was humble, unwilling and shy. He was slow to act. But this does not mean that he did not trust God. He had *faith, but he was careful. He knew that the second sign was the greater *miracle. In the first sign, the wool would easily hold water. But in the second sign, the floor was rock. This would not hold water easily.

Ask we learn to hear Gods voice we start to trust God more.

Let’s stop hedging our bets and trust God more. Put our faith in God and let it ride. Let’s see how it turned out on the other side of the mountain.

Isaiah was bold in following God, Gideon needed more time in hearing from the LORD.

We need to go all out for the LORD. Will he not go all out for us?

A man of valor enthusiastically serves his family, even if he is worn out from a hard day at work.

Thank you for another great day of zoom battle prayer.


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