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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

That dirty fly. After rolling around in filth and decay, that dirty fly goes around looking to land on some poor soul. Flies love to eat more than whats on your picnic table. They feast on nasty things like feces and rotting meat, covering themselves in bacteria. Then they want to go and cleanse themselves, regurgitating and vomiting on people. They transfer a lot disease to humans just like evil spirits do to your spirit. Evil spirits are like dirty flies as they bring foul desires and sinful pleasures to pollute your thinking. The more you swat at them the more harder it becomes to keep them away. Attracting more evil spirits filled with more darker spiritual bacteria. Wanting to prey upon sinful humanity by bringing their destructive rebellion into people's hearts and minds. The best way to get rid of a fly is to keep your house clean from filth. Flies love to hang around dead things and so do evil spirits. Christians should fill their life with good things and keep a cleanliness in their spirit through relationship with Jesus. The hardest thing to do is swat at fly when you see them. They have great eyesight and can calculate their moves before your motive. Same with our thoughts, evil spirits can plot thoughts in our hearts where they see our weaknesses. They can see us but we can't see them, and I would rather not. Only in Jesus can we keep our minds from sin and death. A mind stayed on Christ saves us from swatting and exhausting ourselves to get free from sinful desires. Evil spirits have a taste for sin and desire it like pure honey. Like flies huddled over a dead carcass are evil spirits huddled over dead souls. They love to torture the flesh in people and then leave them for dead. As much as possible live a clean and holy life, for without it no one will see the Lord. Jesus's presence in us keeps our spiritual house clean, leaving a clean aroma of pure peace in our hearts and minds. The more clean you are the more the enemy and his demons stay away from your spirit. The demons believe and tremble at the fly swat of Christ!

Meditate 2 Cor. 10:4


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