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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Sin has a way of defining you. Defending it at all cost even if it was our fault. Why do we allow sin to control our lives and who we are? I guess its the fault in our stars. Meaning the actions of people are their own to choose, and are not totally the result of fate that is out of their control. The fault lies in us, not the Stars. This is a famous quote that is said, but I think its pretty accurate to our humanity. God has given us free will and because of sin we tend to chose sin. We have to get out of that rat race of sin and into the newness of light. Thr light being the knowledge of Christ. Let Jesus define us by his work on the Cross. His resurrected life in us will will protect us from the fault in our stars. Our sinful bent is no longer our excuse to do nothing. In Jesus we can choose to live for righteousness and not allow the fate of this sinful world to be our fate.

Meditate Eccls. 6:10

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