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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The increase of knowledge is a gift of Holy Spirit. a real miracle in the land of the living. How can you tell? Because so many places around the world would change if they had an increase of knowledge. Imagine what a good doctor could do in a sick and dying town. What a good lawyer can do in a ruthless city? Or imagine what a good entrepreneur could do in a impoverished state? People would have hope, and hope would come vision. People perish without vision and purpose. They because of lack of knowledge. People want miracles to happen all the time. Maybe the miracle many times is knowledge gained, given and received. Now the increase of knowledge can be polluted by the desires of evil. What God meant for garbage humans call out treasure. Jesus is our ultimate source for knowledge. He gives freely the Holy Spirit to each and every one of us who ask? But what we do with it is where the increase happens. Will you use knowledge for good and righteous purposes, or exploit the goodness of God. A miracle it is to have the wisdom of God every morning of every day. The world has their own wisdom that they have manipulated from God. The devil is the author of this confusion and the spirit of the age is a great reflection of this. LORD, thank you for the increase of knowledge in my life. You have brought me from death to life. I ask you Jesus that you would help me to share your wisdom everywhere I go to be a walking miracle for your glory.

Meditate Daniel 12:4


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