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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Drove by an accident this morning and it was pretty awful to see. Saw helicopters flying over from a distance and traffic beginning to back up. Police officers walking back and forth from the scene, in their own trauma from what they were witnessing. Parts of cars everywhere, cars smashed and pulled over to the side. Air bags deployed with one car on its back, and shattered glass as a hazard for those who pass by. Definitely looks like a fatality occurred as well, as many injuries that only the ambulance and officers would know. The fear of God hits your heart when you see these atrocities caused by a mistake or selfish decision. It makes me think about how many accidents we walk by everyday that God is out there cleaning up the mess. How many lives destroyed by sin God has the yellow tape of protection and is making the best our of disasters we have walked into. Piece by piece, shattered dreams God is restoring from the depths of guilt and despair. In such a car accident like this insurances are involved and the state is involved. Families and friends are involved, as well as finances are involved. Lets remember in the same way God is involved in every aspect of human life. He is cleaning up the accidents of our lives, and He is keeping sanity in his people by his wisdom and power. There is no mess Jesus cannot handle because the Cross testifies to Gods authority over sin and the world. The blood of Christ was a mess all over the blood stained Cross. God was involved, angels were involved, and we were involved. The scene was horrific and a fatality did occur. The skies darkened as clouds encircled around Jesus, people walked by seeing an innocent man sentenced to death. What a tragedy as they walked on by, a reminder of the iron hand of Rome at the time and the Jewish leaders hypocrisy. But God had his hands all over this saving the world through one man Jesus Christ. He was buried in a rich mans tomb and on the third day rose to life freeing those who trust in him from sin giving eternal life. Jesus has purchased for us the best insurance policy we could ever find in life. Including a down payment of Holy Spirit and a coverage of life that last forever.

Meditate Rom. 5:15

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