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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

LORD, I see a garden in the shade. Off to side neglected and beaten, left alone to grow deep weeds that surfaced all through its original planting. Nothing can be achieved without effort and this garden is lacking the care and nurture of the LORD. It needs the sunlight of heaven daily to expose the weeds. It needs the water of life to sustain such dry and thirsty times in our lives. Beautiful gardens are hard work and dedication. But they are a wonder to look at and makes you appreciate the skill and workmanship of its gardener. Jesus, may your work in my heart and life take me away from the shade of my shame and complacency, and bring me into your marvelous light to shine before all men. I pray LORD that people would glorify you because of the beauty of your work in my garden!

Meditate Matt. 5:16


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