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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

There is always a trail left behind. Look at the ants travel in bunches yet in formation. Follow the trail and you will see where there coming from. They do not abandon mission because of hardship. They scatter but in a little they regroup and stay to the task at hand. There is many ways we can use this illustration, like sin always leaving a trail. Follow its steps and you will see the root of evil desire working in you. But I want to focus on the positive side of this thought. Walk in the manner of the ant, O sinner; observe its ways and become wise unto salvation. Four things are small on the earth, But they are exceedingly wise: Observe the ant. Ants are not a strong species, yet they store their food in summer. They are small in size but exceedingly wise. Our faith can be small but in the wisdom of Christ we are exceedingly wise. We started a trail when we become sons and daughters of God. Our main hub is relationship with Jesus. From there we make our way growing in life and godliness. The enemy wants to throw us off our trail, to forget how far we have come in Christ. Though we are small in faith we have an exceeding strong mind of Christ. When off the path remember there is a trail behind that leads to the finished work of the Cross. God has us on a mission for the rest of our lives we are to know Him in power of his resurrection and fellowship of suffering. Wherever it may lead look back the Cross is our guide as the future steps we take. Take heart, the path has been paved by others before us. Our faith in Jesus will lead us to eternal life even after death. Yes, there is a trail left behind to remind us of God's goodness and grace.

Meditate Ps. 16:11


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