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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

We praise you God. We praise you. We promised to praise you. You hear all our prayers. Everyone in the world will come to you. We bring you all the bad things we have done. There are lots of them but you take them all away. People who live with you are happy. We have all the good things you have.

You saved us. You are the hope of all the world. You keep all your promises. You make great things happen. You made the mountains. You are very strong. You make the rough seas still. You stop wars.

Everyone sees the great things you do. You make all the world sing and be happy. You take care of all the world. You give water and lots of good things. It is like a river coming down from heaven. You give us all our food. You send the rain. The rain makes the plants and trees grow. You give us so many good things. Even the desert is full of good things. The hills are covered in green grass. The fields are full of sheep. The valleys are full of wheat. They are all so happy they sing and shout for joy.

Meditation from Psalm 65


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