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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

God draws the line of faith, will you step into it? I think about Jesus when comforted with the Jewish leaders about the women caught in adultery. He began to write on the ground as law and grace were about to battle. They tried to trap Jesus in order to have a basis for accusing him. Should this women be stoned according to the law? With the same finger that He wrote the ten commandments, Jesus began on the very heart of the ground. While we don't know what was written down, Scripture says the older ones left first one by one unto Jesus was left. What would have caused these great religious men to walk away from this challenge with Christ? There are many speculations and I will let you discover that on your own. I personally think He was writing down each of there sins compared to this woman's. But that is neither here nor there. What I want to focus on is this line of faith. I think it's fascinating for Jesus to have written on the ground from where man has come from? He so desperately wants to write his law in our hearts. We need it to properly function and have purpose in this life. To me I see it as a line of faith where law and grace met. Yes, there should be law and it should be carried out justly. But grace is the wrench thrown by God in Christ. The penalty for sins has been fully paid and made on the Cross. We are to live a fully resurrected life in Him and leave sin and death behind, before something worse happens. That worse is that we trample the blood of Christ that has been poured out for our redemption of our hearts as well as our complete earth. If we walk away from Jesus like these religious leaders did, we are missing out on the gift of faith He offers. If live by the law we will die by the law. If we live in grace we will continue to live on in grace. And that grace is the line of faith all must pass in order to receive eternal life. Lets step into faith and trust God in doing his perfect work in us. Jesus has set the line before us, let us move forward towards his forgiveness and love. We will find grace for our sins, and strength to live a holy and redeemed life.

Meditate John 8:8


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