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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Cold Coffee. LORD, before I went to your throne room this morning I made a fresh cup of hot coffee. I added fresh cream and stirred it into my coffee. The smell was wonderful and pleasing to my eyes. As I took a sip of it, it warmed my senses up and alerted me to the morning start. Then right after that, your spirit came in like a flood and filled the atmosphere. My faithful brother and I spoke from the abundance of our hearts. Our cup was filled over by the presence of Holy Spirit. We spoke the word and we tasted the goodness of your love. Speaking your truth to the darkness and singing your praises. You poured out the fresh cream of your Spirit and stirred faith within us. Then, as I descended from my throne room worship, my once fresh hot coffee was cold. It made me smile though when I realized that I was the cold cup of coffee this morning. The LORD Jesus fresh brewed within me a new spirit. Filling with heavenly cream and stirring my heart towards faithfulness and truth. May I never be lukewarm to your taste oh LORD, like cold coffee. My faith and deeds are to be hot with fervor for you. This is what the LORD Almighty says: “I am very jealous for Zion; I am burning with jealousy for her.” Jesus I want to burn hot for you the way you burn for me.

Meditate Rev. 3:16

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