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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Good Instincts. Driving with my son this morning and I reminded him about good instincts. Especially when driving in traffic you have to think ahead and not be caught in the moment. I had to make a left turn in busy traffic and it looked like I had enough space. I held back from turning causing my son to say dad why didn’t you go you had enough space? I told him that though there looked like a lot of space I still want to take the time and check my surroundings. Maybe a pedestrian crossing or bicyclist riding, or maybe the car in front of me turning goes slow leaving me in the middle of a busy road. So many factors to factor before a make a big turn in life. I waited and made my turn safely and went on my way. It just reminds me of how life is made on a series of decisions daily. Whether good or bad we must live with them and they become apart of us. Why do rush so many things and not pursue discretion? Trust me I have rushed through traffic so many times and risked my life for dumb reasons. It makes me think of Jesus when he came to this busy world. He came and the world he created did not recognize him. He didn‘t rush this life he stayed for more than 30 years with humanity. Until humanity didn’t want him anymore and succumbed to a horrible death. But man, it’s amazing in the time given to him he fulfilled so many prophecies and laws. His discretion was perfect, his timing was perfect. When he was late he was right on time. When he was early he was right on time. LORD, teach us discretion and patience. I want to rush through my life for some reason and many times neglect your word, your Spirit in me. Be that voice behind me saying this is the way I should go. I pay attention to the left and the right and what’s in front that I forget to stay behind and listen. Teach me to strike when the Iron is hot and give me the grace know it. Coming up to a big turn again LORD. I am watching my surroundings not allowing my flesh to move me ahead. I am safe in your ways, in your reasonings. I have the Mind of Christ, his timing is perfect in every way. Discretion is a life-giving fountain to those who possess it, but discipline is wasted on fools.

Meditate Prov. 16:21


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