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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Sometimes life will hand you curveballs. You stood in there and did not fret back. The pressure of life barely missing your face as things are called strike by the LORD. But your determined to succeed, so you stand in there ready to seize the day and another curve is thrown. This one scares you more as it flies right by your chest. Tears begin to pour out asking God why? You hear him say the count is one and one. One ball and one strike. Stay in there. You get up with a determined spirit and move forward. The pitches life throw you seem to always vary. Some you knock out the park some you only make to first base. God wants us to work the count, to go down swinging if need be. Don’t watch life pass you by. To stand in there and face those nasty curveballs and even fastballs. I hear God remind us that we will never be touched by the pitches of life. For Christ has take the full blow of death. He stood in there and took the Devils harshest pitch of sin and death. Jesus was knocked down cold in the grave but rose again on The Third Day. So stand in there in on those curveballs of life. Make the best contact you can and God will take care of the field of play.

Meditate 1 Cor. 15:17


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