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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

A goal of mine has always been to dunk a basketball. The basketball hoop is a standard 10 ft high and takes a lot of work and dedication to reach that height. Many have done it while many lose hope in trying. It makes me think about Jesus and his setting of a standard for all humanity. His life, his mission, his purpose far exceeds the goodness of humanity. So holy and so perfect was his life lived among-st us that it actually lowered the spiritual basketball hoop for all. Many people have lived a good life and have set examples for others to follow. Many people have achieved greatness deserving of accolades and honor. But no one can be like the G.O.A.T, Jesus. In keeping with basketball analogies Michael Jordan is known to be the greatest of all time. Not many can even come close to match his numbers and his greatness. Imagine with me, Jesus life career compared to a Jordan kind of life career. Jesus never failed, never lost and never missed a shot. He scored every time he had the ball and defended perfectly every time. Had the perfect season even with imperfect team of disciples. Breezed through the playoffs and in the championship series ran the devil off the court. He only needed one perfect season to win and save humanity for all time. How many more championships must one win to be the greatest? For humanity there is never enough. Only Christ perfect season and life on earth will do. One day people will realize this and live in the peace of God that Jesus provides. The basketball hoop has been lowered for all people to be able to dunk. No matter if your tall or short all can experience the masterful dunk of Christ. All can come and be champions of life giving glory to God to the standard bearer, his only Son. Jesus is the greatest.

Meditate 1 Peter 2:21-25


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