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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Continuing with our thought about the gift of faith today. I want to touch on how faith can grow us and mature us even if we don’t see yet what we are asking for. May it be so is ringing in my ears as Jesus told that to the two blind men crying out to him Son of David. Jesus said may it be so according to your faith. The faith in which they operated in brought them to Christ and he answered there request of healing. These men went from faith to faith believing in God. And stirred them enough to come before Jesus and ask to see. Th gift of faith is not that we need so much of it to get what we want. No, faith is a gift that got these men up from the total darkness they were living in and received sight and light. Stop asking do you have enough faith. And start seeking the one who gives it freely. The Holy Spirit indwells believers to do amazing things, but he draws people to Christ first. No gift is for selfish gain. God wants to be testimony of his grace and mercy in a fallen world. May it be so according to our faith. May we seek Christ with all our hearts as he fills us with his presence. Imagine what he could do with real people that believe in God. That have faith in God. Yes, move mountains that have been in our way of spiritual growth for so many years. Lets chose to grow from faith to faith. And lets focus on that tomorrow.

Meditate Matt. 9:29

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