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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

More does not always mean blessing. That is why God is careful too give much to hearts that are not able to steward well. Good example is children are a blessing from the LORD and are an inheritance. Amen. But because someone has a lot of children doesn't mean that they are blessed. Its how you manage your household, your city, and your nation that counts. Same with animals dogs and cats. We spade and neuter them so that we can steward well and take care of animals properly. If we steward well the things in our lives we will be able to handle the more the gifts and promises of God. Don't envy those who have more, pray for them for God to help them steward well. Many times those who have more need your help and encourage. Don't be stingy with others with what God has given you. Not only are you giving God a bad name but it affects your church, your community, your city. This is why the welfare state has increased so much in our nation. More people want the American dream without having the heart of stewardship only gained through perseverance and hard work. Its a shame when someone is given something freely, not given the chance to work for it. But there are things in this world that need to be like that. Think about those couples that have gotten pregnant quickly and often. Maybe even earlier in life which makes a big difference if you are mature enough to raise children yet. They got and are getting blessing early which demands more reposiibililty and accountability. Very easy you can mismanage what you thought was a blessing and became a hardship in your life. Like Gods perfect plan of salvation. Jesus did all the work and we reaped the benefit of living in his grace. Even those before the law depend on Gods grace, but they actually the blessing upfront where if they followed the law they would be blessed as a nation. We know now that Israel failed miserably and was dependent on Gods grace of Messiah no matter what. But they had to steward well the things of God, where as on this side of the Cross there is a lot of name it and claim it. Gone are the days of working hard in the principles of the word to reap promises of God in your life. We have become a microwave society even in our churches where we try to believe things into existence. And focus less on the actual scripture and applying it into our lives through relationship with Christ Jesus. So be careful with more, because the more can be taken away from you. If not now, but in the next life to come. Everyone who has something will be given more. But people who don't have anything will lose even what little they have. But the one who unknowingly does things worthy of punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and from him who has been entrusted with much, even more will be demanded. Help us LORD to be content with what we have, it will save us from much heart ache. And the more that you do provide, help us to be able to receive it and not be prideful. Tame the wild beast of selfishness and envy, we all will be the better for it.

Meditate Eccles 6:2


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