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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Get off the ropes. Your taking a beating over sin and guilt. Taking shots to the body of your faith that weakens your spirit man. Get in the fight of faith and be on the offense. Christ has won the victory on the Cross. What the law weaken in the flesh now can be filled in our spirit! We can live a holy life because of the life Jesus lived for lost humanity. Time to fight the good fight of faith, even though we are fighting an enemy we cannot see. We are called to live by faith and not by sight. Growing in strength of heart and of mind, the law of God being written on our hearts is making us holy into the Image of Christ. The Holy Spirit through the Living Word is our trainer for Righteousness and he does not want to throw the towel in defeat. Daily He wants us to be victorious as Jesus is victorious in heaven above. So throw some punches to the Head of the Snake, speak the name of Jesus and the enemy will retreat. Hit Him where it hurts, take him to the ropes working his body down by living a life worthy of the Cross. Not settling in with easy Christianity, but growing in discipline and wisdom. That’s the body shots the enemy of our souls hate. Don’t get to greedy and go for the knock blow. Leave that to Jesus he will take care of that. We fight against spiritual principalities that only God can bring down and humble by the Cross. We deliver the pain to this evil kingdom against us, and practice offense as much as defense. Stay suited up in the armor of God. Here comes another round.

Meditate John 12:31

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