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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Student loan forgiveness. This a rough topic. Don’t hate me for this. A lot of people are split on this. Wanted to use my pen for Gods glory. Not trying to pick a side just sharing my heart. And remember this is just my opinion. God alone is the arbiter of truth. We as finite human beings can hopefully reason in peace and truth. The government here in 2022 has done student forgiveness for a lot of students who can’t afford to pay their loans. Unfortunately I am one of them that took a bad loan when I was young to impress people I didn’t like, also to impress my father and show him I was working hard. These loans that were given out were so wicked, knowing many of these young student would never afford it later. I don’t want to go off on that tangent though. I know many will say you must pay what you owe. And I understand that. What I want to focus on is forgiveness. The government actually practicing forgiveness is rare to me. God has given authority to governments to serve us and to protect us. Even in the good things that government does many times it’s just for show and exploiting people for their agendas. I know many are upset that their are people that should not get loan forgiveness. They never saved money a day in their life. Mismanaged money and expect others to pay for it. I understand that but realize this: So many people have died never getting justice here on earth because it’s mixed with so many others priorities that the government tries to fix. Government will never be able to please everybody in society. There are things that I totally disagree with but still honor my government and continue to pray for our leaders. Wickedness is practiced everyday in our courts and prisons. Laws are made that hurt people and families on both sides of the aisle. So when a virtue is being practiced like forgiveness in our Government, I know it’s hard to receive in a world like ours. Like I said I am one of those that owes a lot of money to school loans. I graduate in 2009 and the interest has ballooned me to be a slave for life. Not asking for your pity, but I am asking for you to search your heart for your own forgiveness. Think about things you have done to people and they have not forgiven you for the things you have done. And they have every right too. I think about forgiveness in the wisdom of God. Two stories that I want to close with. The unmerciful servant where Jesus tells the story of a servant forgiven so much yet he could not forgive others would owed less. Its a heart thing to be able to forgive at a loss to you. Something I am still learning to do even today. Also the parable of the workers. Where men that only worked one hour compared to those who worked the full day both still getting equal pay. Can we make peace in our hearts and take our pay and go home? Not worrying about if you have been taken advantage of in this loan forgiveness process. Many have worked hard to pay in full their debts while now others have the opportunity to get paid off scot-free. It is Gods heart to give the one who was been hired last the same amount of grace that He has was given to you earlier. But what does that look like here on earth? Where the wicked seem more blessed than the righteous. Check your heart with this scripture always: So I tell you that all her sins are forgiven, and that is why she has shown great love. But anyone who has been forgiven for a little will show only a little love. Luke 7:47 In closing, I pray that you would look beyond the bureaucracy and beyond the noise of pride. And find it in your heart for people to find mercy in their time of need. That those who have been forgiven much would find true peace. And even those who have been forgiven little would learn to appreciate it much.

Study Duet 15:1


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