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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Excerpt from a daily devotional I am reading:

Its God’s mercy that makes us, who were once dead in our sin, alive in Christ! It’s His mercy that allows us to be re-identified as holy and continually made holy through sanctification. It’s His mercy that redeems us to have a personal relationship with Him in the first place! Therefore, it’s abundantly clear that His mercy will lead us to offer ourselves as living sacrifices.

Father God, so merciful and holy, thank You for all You are. I cannot dwell on You or with You enough. Sometimes, my flesh and heart fail. I forget how beautiful and wonderful You are while the world and its illusions sweep me off my feet. Help me be swept off my feet by You, Jesus, and as a result, help me make it a daily habit to surrender my life to You. May every area of my life be a sacrifice to You as I submit to Your will. I want to worship You alone, Father—may I completely devote myself to You and nothing else! Amen.


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