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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

I remember as a child being so scared of monsters under my bed. I would see a shadow and get so frightened. I would leave the door open in my room so that I can could have direct access to my Father and my Mother when I needed them. They left there door creaked open as well to there room and I remember the comfort it brought me knowing they were awake with there light on. As I got older and wiser I became more braver to face my personal monsters. God always has his door open for us to come and find peace and safety and grow in our faith in Him. Holy Spirit knows how to comfort us and remove our fears giving us confidence. My mom many times would tell me to come and stay in the bed with them. Just this once she would say, your getting to be a big boy soon be strong. I remember the relief from the fear as I rested with my parents. In that secret place is where you learn to have a sound mind with a spirit of power and love. God wants us to rest in him in times of our greatest fears and adversity. He knows we are fragile human beings and live with fear daily. Praise God, Jesus is acquainted with all our ways. He came into this world and laid in the bed of sin we made for ourselves and endured through the darkness of the night. But on the Third day He rose again and conquered our fear of death, the greatest monster we face under our beds. You know, many years later as a grown man, I still hate being in a dark room by myself. Both of my parents have passed away, but memories of them pop up in my head of there love and care for me. My Grandmother took care of me later on in life and she knew I had problems sleeping at night as a child. After my parents passed away, she wanted to comfort me to sleep and would tuck me in at night with loving words. Can you believe even in my early twenties she would call me randomly on the phone with that same blessing that I can still remember today. Let me share it with you today as I close. I would I say Good night and she would say Good night. I would say sweet dreams and she would say sweet dreams. I would say I love you. And she would say I love you more to close out. Let me encourage today, those monsters your facing in your life. Jesus loves you more. Stay close to him and those monsters will disappear in the Light of His Presence.

Meditate 1 Thess. 5:5


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