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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

A landslide is a mass movement of material, such as rock, earth or debris, down a slope.

Landslides are caused by disturbances in the natural stability of a slope. They can accompany heavy rains or follow droughts, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. Mudslides develop when water rapidly accumulates in the ground and results in a surge of water-saturated rock, earth, and debris. Is that not how backsliding in our lives start? Things start disturbing our natural stability causing us to slope into doubt and despair. Heavy rains of trials come and everything around us gets shaken. Heavy movements of temptations gets us sliding of our foundation of faith into fear and distress. Many of us have slidden so far down that we can’t see grace and truth anymore. We lay down and die saying woe is me. But there is no valley too low where the LORD Jesus cannot reach. His fresh wind can inspire repentance to the most back slidden of souls. He can lift us up out of our humble and miry state and bring us to higher ground. Give us a better footing to believe again in the power of the Gospel. If you have land slided far away from God, you don’t have to go far to find his love and mercy. In fact He searching for you in the rubble, in the miry clay, in the heavy rains, His search party is looking for you. Lift your hands up oh repentant sinner! And You will be found in Him!

Study Prov. 14:14


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