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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Credit limit. A credit limit is the maximum amount of credit that a financial institution or other lender will extend to a debtor for a particular line of credit. Once you reach that limit there are penalties causing your financial debt to increase. The key to this pitfall is the monthly payment. As many reach there credit limit they need more credit in order to stay current with there monthly spending. Not realizing the more the credit limit is raised the more the debt you owe is rising. Getting to a point where the creditor can no longer increase the credit limit because of lack of payment or credit score. You have reached your limit to the credit limit and now you are stuck with a debt you can no longer afford. And also it will take a lifetime to pay off. The only option many times is bankruptcy and you lose everything you worked so hard for. Sin and money are very similar spiritually speaking. We all have incurred the debt of sin while death has made its interest in our lives. We have built such a debt to God that we could never pay back. The Devil has raised our credit limit to the point where we are slaves to our sins rather than stewards. Having nothing to show for the riches of sin in our lives, only filthy rags and rotted out idols that have no value. God sent Jesus as payment for our sins. Through his blood the debt was paid plus interest. But he does not want us living in sin no more. How it this possible? He knows we are sinners born in sin, we need that sin credit line just to survive. Jesus is calling us to live in Grace so that we can grow into his righteousness. I call it debit life. All our lives we try to be good people and many are more good than others. Even the best humanity has to offer can be ruined by sin and pride. Think of people throughout history that are heroes but maybe you uncover something about there lives that brings disdain. The truth is only Jesus lived a perfect life and is humanity's only hope. In Christ you can live abundantly and have a profitable life after sin. Your mistakes and willful sin can be redeemed with the Credit line of Christ. When we sin the blood of Christ pays your personal debt and societal debt. You are able to live with a pure conscience as you begin to build a debit life account. Actually having something to give and contribute to society built upon the riches of Jesus. Oh the blessing of having a full heart of righteousness! Sharing the equity of Christ love with those who need it or maybe with those you have hurt before. Without Christ you will die in your sins. The guilt wears heavily on the shoulders of frail humanity. The blood, sweat and tears spent on social pandering and pleasing is the same blood that convicts us of our hypocrisy. The need for debit life in Jesus is crucial to debts being settled even in this sinful world. The payment of sins was to save humanity but also was to destroy works of the devil. This world will not last forever Christ has purchased a new heaven and a new earth for the redeemed. The injustice done to Christ on the Cross is going to be poured out beyond measure on evil itself and the wicked's unrepentant heart. Choose today to be cleared of your sin debt to God and to society. In Christ you can live from a debit life and not in credit life. In debit life all that matters is growth and maturity. A repentance that brings a new heart and new thought life. No matter how much sin you incur it will be covered by the grace found in Jesus. But do we keep on sinning because we are free from the law of sin and death. No, we establish and build our lives on the spiritual financial principle of spirit and life. You can be a blessing from the banks of heaven by filling the earth with the message of the Gospel. Help others bear there burdens thus fulfilling the law of Christ. What a shame to be given a spiritual talent of gold and never build upon spiritual wealth. Its almost as bad as bearing your sin debt your self and not giving it to Jesus. Your sin credit limit has no limit in Jesus economy. Its time to get out of sin debt and take the talent of Holy Spirit to multiply blessings in your life and for those around you. Where you go from filthy rags and rusted out idols, to a ring on your finger, sandals on your feet, and a fatten calf. This a spiritual picture from a rags to riches story to a born again sin debt free child of God. Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time. Put your efforts in the principle of spirit and life and you will gain eternal richness and life. Sins quick scheme of pleasure and pride will bankrupt not just your life but your very soul.

Meditate 2 Cor. 8:9


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