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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Rise again. I will rise again. Even if I fall many times. And I have failed many times. Been through the harshest of seasons and being stretched out beyond measure. I will rise up again and again and again and again. I will rise up because I know God is doing something new in me. Jesus never gives up on me, how can I give up on him? You're broke down and tired of living life on a merry go round. And you can't find the fighter. But I see it in you so we are gonna walk this life out together. Let’s move mountains together in Jesus name. All we need is faith, hope, and love. And for that we have God in Christ and each other. So, I’ll rise up with this born again confidence. I will rise like the day. Yes, I will rise up unafraid.  And I'll do it a thousand times again for you LORD Jesus. Because you have forgiven me on the Cross seventy times seven. You rose again so that I could rise again and again. Praise God! I will rise up even on last day. Amen. Praying for you to rise up and continue coming to the altar, being a living sacrifice unto the LORD!


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