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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

How can I pray without ceasing? I have to work and serve. I have many responsibilities and tasks. Where is the time I can spend in prayer? Well, all day I can talk and pray as if the LORD is with me. He is the invisible God who sees and hears everything. Nothing is hidden, not even my thoughts. So when I breathe, when I think, when I talk, I am in the presence of Christ. Holy Spirit is in me and I can keep my mind stayed on him in perfect peace. Without ceasing I can have a single mind in Jesus. Yes, I have a single mind. I have one heart desire. To know the One my soul and heart adores. Every moment is a great time for prayer. Oh Jesus You are all I want or need. Jesus You are all I long to please. My portion and my prize. My joy and my delight. Are found in You today, all day I am praying without ceasing to remember you in everything I do. My mind must always be on the things of God, to be in constant communication with him, so that every moment may be as fruitful as possible.

Meditate 1 Thess. 5:17


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