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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Just a thought to share as I am praying in the Spirit. Drink worship and eat the Word. Too often we drown ourselves out in worship and praise. Our feelings get in the way of hearing and reading the sure word of God.

We neglect the word that is suppose to stir faith and fervor within us. Relying more on feelings that Gods word constantly renewing our minds. And then there is the opposite of only reading the Word and becoming fat in much knowledge and study. There is no expression or walking out the word through heart and praise. The key to this being filled with Holy Spirit. Just because you read the Bible does not mean you are filled with the Spirit. And also just because you speak in tongues does not mean you are filled with Spirit. Its the fruit of the Spirit we should seek and ask God to produce in us. There are many prideful and mean spirited people with no fruit of character that know the word backwards and forwards. And there are people with gifting's that have no sign of any a changed life or growth in the word, not able to even had the elementary teachings of Christianity. Lets make sure to drink worship and praise daily and offset that with studying of Scripture eating the Word daily through prayer and supplication.

Meditate Heb. 6:1


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