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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Humility without reverence for God is as useless as salt without flavor. So many hungry souls are fed salt less words and actions, and they will eat anything for justice even to the detriment of their very soul. Don't get me wrong a lot people do and say things that are generally known as good. But without God's blessing on it, without His Spirit in it, it will return void back to the person who gave it. When God is reverence in every word and deed, even there humility is profitable. Nothing The LORD does is wasted or thrown away, while humanities efforts will soon fall by the wayside. I think about the Old Testament when Israel made promises in God's name. They swore as the LORD lives, there surety was in the God in Himself. Other nations at the time swore in Baal and trusted in this god's name. Its amazing how humility or pride is birthed in person when their sole trust is placed in God. In Jesus we have been truly humbled, no longer needing to swear under any name above heaven or under earth, we can just have faith in the promises of God in Christ. Able to come boldly before the throne of God daily for wisdom and strength. I think of us as flavorless salt in need of Christ flavor every moment of everyday. Even in the little things I want them to be sprinkled with the salt of spirit and life. Can food that is tasteless be eaten without salt? Or is there any taste in the white of an egg? Goodness without the love of Christ is tasteless. Is there any falsehood on my lips? Can my mouth not discern evil things? Humanity has to depend on the heart and the flesh, both that cannot rid themselves from their sour iniquity. In Jesus we have discernment through Holy Spirit. Having a humility that comes from true righteousness, able to be constant salt and light in our words and deeds. That's how it is with the Living Word. It will not return to LORD without doing everything He sent it out to do. May his word taste salty to you and your neighbor you share it with.

Meditate John 7:18


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