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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

It is better to listen to wise people who reprimand you than to fools who sing your praises. Poverty and disgrace come to those who ignore discipline, but the one who accepts correction will be honored. A lazy person refuses to clear a thorny path, but everyone who does right walks on a smooth road. Our Father in heaven disciplines us as He sees fit. He has people in our lives that He works through to keep us from folly. And like a mother He comes and trains us up. Yes, He has people in our lives that He works through to keep us from giving up. LORD, let me be a wise son that makes you a glad father and not a foolish son that brings you the sorrow of a mother. The commandment is to honor your father and mother, so that your days may be long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

Anyone who curses his father or mother must surely be put to death. A stiff penalty for the dishonor of father and mother. So much of God's love is shown through having a father and a mother. Many have missed out on that in life, but to those who have had godly parents and then not caring about them later in life is a scandal. God takes sin very seriously because He sent His Son to die on the Cross for our salvation. Like a good son Jesus obeyed and honored His Father even in death. There is something special about father and mother to God. To dishonor that is a disgrace. If you look at the devil and his angels how they fell from heaven. They had no respect for God, looking at Him not even as Father but as an equal. Even to the point of despising Jesus on the Cross. But Jesus made a spectacle of them, and soon He will put there treason to death forever. If you make fun of your father or despise your mother in her old age, you ought to be eaten by vultures or have your eyes picked out by wild ravens. Very harsh proverb, Israel believed everyone should have a proper burial and this would be a shocking way of judgment. God does not take lightly the dishonor of parents. Its better to listen to God who is wise and receive his discipline, than to honor those who dishonor God, especially as Heavenly Father..

Meditate Prov. 30:17


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