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Proverbs of 37 yr old man

A man had two sons. He went and he spoke to the first son. “Son, go and work today in my *vineyard.” The son answered, “I will not go.” However, later the son changed his mind and he went. Then the father went and he said the same thing to the second son. This son answered, “Yes sir, I will.” However, he did not go. Which of the two sons did what his father wanted?’ They replied, ‘The first son.’ God is like this father when He tells us to go and sin more, you are forgiven in Jesus name. Many people are like the first son, they did not receive the message of the Gospel at first. But later they repented and changed their lives. Though there past sins are there it does not define them. The way into the kingdom of heaven is by means of repentance and faith. A changed life is the witness of the Gospel. But many people are like the second son. They received the Gospel message with their lips but not fully with their hearts. And over time they fall away and do not enter in a real relationship with Christ. They knew the truth but denied Gods power by the way they lived. Jesus said to the religious leaders of the day that the men who collected taxes and the prostitutes would go into the kingdom before their own leaders of religion! Why? Because though in their past sins they rejected God, they came to their senses and realized they needed Christ as Savior. What a horrible day of judgment it will be for the second son who said he would obey the father. But in the end never made his way to the Cross to find Salvation in Jesus.

Study Matt. 21:31

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