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Proverbs of 38 yr old man

Climb the mountain to pray. Prayer takes time, its like climbing a mountain. Some just stay low and put no effort to the climb of prayer. Others go even higher in their pursuit of God but loose grip on reality, and because of fear of the unknown retreat in their prayers. Still others climb higher to the peak of the mountain. Its a daily journey and takes effort and habit to reach this pivotal mount. But once their you are able to see things from a heavenly perspective. In our pursuit of Jesus in our prayers we begin to see things seated with him in heavenly places. You must get there, to that sacred peak where nothing else matters but the Cross. It is a summit meeting between God and man that we should make daily in prayer. The spiritual air is different up there, the wind of the Holy Spirit takes your breath away. A pleasant atmosphere with such greenery around for tired souls to gain strength for the day. I'm standing at the edge of the mountain with my hands pointing to the clouds filled with grace coming your way!!! Come up here with me, don't settle for a lower view of prayer. For I cried out to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy mountain.

Study Mark 6:46

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