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Proverbs of 38 yr old man

A Stampede of prayer. Watch and listen how out of nowhere a stampede forms. Tension builds up either by excitement or being frightened. Sure you have your couple lone rangers that go out ahead fearless and as well as foolish. Many lead the way for others to follow. But listen closely to a full stampede and feel the pressure building, it's different. A stampede is a situation in which a group of large animals suddenly start running in the same direction, especially because they are excited or frightened. It may also refer to a situation in which many people are trying to do the same thing at the same time. Amazing how animals different from humans have the ability to have organized chaos. When out of nowhere a stampede can occur even rhythmically. Crossing deadly rivers and valleys wildebeest are famous for organized stampedes moving into safety. This reminds me of how corporate prayer comes together. Not to say one or two prayers have no momentum to God. God is not forced by our hand. But it is a powerful and majestic sight to see when believers come together to worship and prayer. Almost like a stampede of prayer when the Holy Spirit comes in a place of fellowship and love. Like the wind that blows here and there and no one knows where it came from. So it is when God in Christ comes and dwells with his people. The Holy Spirit richly pours and all of sudden tongues of fire are above the heads of believers stirring hearts and minds. And the power of God is displayed as the whole Body of Christ tramples the enemies strongholds and traps. I even hear angels trotting as a Holy Stampede begins to come together. What a beautiful sight, bringing me to tears as I see the way the glory of God is revealed through his inspired believers.

Study Acts 2:3


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