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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

The Lord gives us strength to do what we cannot do under our own power. Instead of allowing fear and doubt to rule our lives, and fretting back from the promises of God. Let us ask and get inner strength from the Love of God found in Jesus. Do not cave into the approval of man, but hold tight to the relationship with Christ you have been investing in. You are gaining an inner strength from God's kindness and grace which is good for you. The Lord is renewing a strength in us that can only grow stronger through the knowledge of Him and power of his resurrection. Even sharing in his sufferings becoming like Him in his death, we gain a strength to overcome this world because He overcame this world. Sin makes you weak, and your desires will chase after evil. Giving you no strength to do what is right. You are weak and susceptible to the ways of the evil. Many say, 'I'm rich. I'm wealthy. I don't need anything.' Yet, do not realize that they are miserable, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked. Blessed are those who recognize they are spiritually helpless. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them.

Study Eph. 3:16


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