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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

I want to dedicate this proverb to my friend Darryl who was a very special person in my life. Its amazing the relationships you make when you allow God to lead you. I was on my way to Subway during my lunch hour over a year ago. And I saw this man sitting outside on a crate. I thought he was taking a work break so I felt compelled to ask how his day was going. Little did I know, this small question would start a friendship from God that would encouraged me to keep moving forward with this current ministry. Darryl was the first person to wear my wisdom t shirt. He was so excited to see the next shirt I would bring him to wear. He shared the Gospel with people he meet walking by, not ashamed to wear my t shirts. He loved when I read him poems and proverbs God would put on my heart. We cried together, laughed together, and worshiped together. When he would see me coming from afar, he would be so excited to see me. With tears in his eyes and mine we would hug because of the love of Christ in us. Out in the open he would thank God every time we meet, I was so humbled by his kindness and tenderness towards me. I was so blessed to know this man and to have called him my brother in Christ. Darryl was a homeless man who found a home in the family of God. A place to belong, a place of purpose and forgiveness. Like all of us, we were yet sinners and Christ died for us. Giving us a new life to live here on earth until we are called home to God. I truly believe Darryl was touched by God and fought everyday battles of the flesh with the peace of God. There is so much more I can say, he was such an amazing person. But I want to close with this awesome story He always shared with me. It was the moment he found grace. He was so depressed one night, nothing was going right. At 3:00 am in the heat of the night sleeping in the corner street. He was awakened by a petite woman. He was in shock that such a nice lady was trying to wake him up. He thought it was an Angel and told her please, I am too dirty and smell really bad. She was asking him to get into a new Benz car. She wanted to give him a place to rest from the dark night, and take a clean shower. He said he reluctantly gave in and said the lady was a blessing from God. He said that meant so much to him because God comforted him through this stranger and got hope for another day. Darryl, thank you for being a friend and showing me the love of God. I'm sure when you passed from this world you went from death to life. From God's heavenly Benz car to the pearly gates of heaven, having been cleansed by the blood of Christ. Amen. Rest in peace my friend, I miss you. Study Luke 16:19-22


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