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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

True wisdom is the wisdom of peace. The peace that surpasses our understanding, otherwise known as the peace of God. By trusting in the wisdom of God it allows us not to lean on our own understanding. Giving us the freedom to seek The Lords will in all we do, as he shows us which path to take. Those who have this wisdom do good works, and those good works result in blessing and peace. They are like seeds that grow up into a plant. The fruit of that plant is righteousness. And the soil in which it grows is peace. Lets taste the spiritual fruit and see how good the wisdom of God is. Start with its purity, it is clean and has no selfish ambition. It is holy, as God himself is holy. The taste of its fruit is peace-making. Bringing people closer together and nearer to God. You will find the texture also is gentle. It is fair and kind. It knows the weakness of human beings and helps them. It does not insist on its own rights. It is always ready to help and not to blame. You will find it open to reason. It is easy to approach it. It will listen to what other people say. Also full of mercy and good fruits. It helps those who suffer. Fair to all showing respect for all people. It does not make distinctions. It does not do things from prejudice. It is sure about what is true. It has good standards that do not change. Lastly the taste of fruit of Gods wisdom is real and sincere. It is honest. It does not pretend or act a part. It is sincere in all that it does and with all people. It does not work for its own benefit. Study James 3:17

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