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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Bears are very dangerous animals. Even when a bear is content, you are in danger. You must avoid a very angry bear because it could kill you. There are people that act like animals, whom nobody can control. They are very evil people. We should realize this and pray for them. We might be in danger if we try to help them. God can change their hearts but remember we cannot do this. It is evil to hurt people who help you. But some evil people do this. As we help other people realize that they may not be honest. They might be cruel or unfair. As Christians, we serve God, rather than other people. We help them, because we love God. And this because God loved us first through Jesus. He rewards us with more of Him, more of Holy Spirit, as we share in the fellowship of his sufferings. Study Proverbs 17:12


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