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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Dead to sin. Sin is everything that people have done wrong against God or other people. And the punishment for sin is death. People deserve to die under the just holiness of God, let alone the evil they do to one another with no recompense. The spirit of man is dead and in need of salvation. So Jesus, God Himself came to our world and never sinned. Living a life that was dead to sin and alive to God. Jesus carried the sins of every person when he died on the cross. He accepted the punishment for our sins and died instead of us. When anyone confesses that he or she has sinned, Jesus forgives them. He makes them new. Their spirit was dead, but now it is alive. They will live for ever. Now they can go on to live a holy life. Praise God, Jesus can give life to their spirit as well as give life to a person's body. With this life in us we can offer spiritual sacrifices to the Lord. No longer is there need for the shedding of blood, a living sacrifice unto God that is dead to sin will do. Confession is the spark to your repentance, and Christ's forgiveness is the fire to your new and redeemed life.

Study Rom. 6:11


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