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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

A desperate person will go from place to place when they need to satisfy their needs. They are like a hungry wolf that is fixed to no place. It wanders from place to place looking to satisfy its own desires. Always looking to run in packs and allowing the majority to rule to quench the insatiable flesh. The satisfaction of the sheep is like the righteous. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and his sheep hear his voice. He can relate to humanity like no other, having being both God and man. The water he provides and the green pastures He invites his sheep to are spiritually satisfying. He personally cares for each with a cup that runs over. There is no need to leave the great shepherds side, he can satisfy your every need. Only the hungry wolf goes into the darkness to satisfy their starved spirit with the flesh. The satisfaction of sheep is found in their renewed spirit. Jesus satisfies the spirit thereby quieting the pangs of the flesh. Sustained by the Shepherds hand, his sheep long after him and the spiritual food He provides. Do not lone wolf this life, be a sheep that follows Christ.

Study Ps. 16:11


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