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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

We must learn not to do wrong actions when evil thoughts test us. Sometimes wrong actions are attractive and evil thoughts tempt us. We might think that God's law's is not fair. The devil even tested Jesus in his reasoning, But Jesus did nothing wrong against God. We have this same mind of Christ in us that shows us how we should live. His Wisdom will save you from evil desires. If we turn from God's wisdom it is like someone leaving their husband or wife. When you became a Christian you promised to follow God. Evil thoughts may tempt you and other religions may tempt you. Sex may tempt you. Still do not break your promise to God. Stay in the wisdom vow of Christ and avoid the harlot spirit of knowledge. If you do, another man's wife will not attract you. She tempts you to come to her. But she has left her husband. When she married, she made promises. God heard those promises. Do not go into her house! Her house leads to death. Her paths lead to hell. If you go to her, then you will not return. The lust for power and knowledge in this world will separate you from holy union to Christ. And you will not go to heaven for Jesus says I am the way, the only way to the father is through me.

Meditate Prov. 2:16


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