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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

Drink from His HOLY Cistern. I am thirsty LORD for what we had in the past. My first love you were, you quenched my every need and desire. But sin and guilt was found in my heart and I began to separate myself from your flow of love into my life. Oh if only you could bring back to me just a cup of the water from where we use to drink together! Yes, I long for the living water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem, the place of your supernatural birth where I first learned of the prophecies of your first coming. My God, where have you gone? Where have you been? God the Trinity, like three mighty warriors broke through the enemies lines taking the keys of hell, death, and the grave, then you Jesus drew living water from your own wellspring carrying it back to me. And this to remind me of our humble beginnings, of me coming to faith in the one and only Begotten Son of God! But I dare not drink only of yesterdays refreshing only, I must pour out my life before the LORD today and be refreshed with a living word from the present. This cup you have brought me today LORD looks similar to the river of life we use to enjoy. You bring tears to my eyes when I hear you say again that you took the journey of Cross to bring me living water! You traveled even through Death and Hades to refresh my soul with the Holy Spirit. Fresh from the brook where I once drank in deeply. But now even today its taste is stronger, your Spirit is striving more with me because of the power of the Cross. Sin no longer can take away my thirst for righteousness. I desire to live a life that glorifies you, your living water has made a brook inside me! You restored the wellspring of life and you broke it loose in me! I am flowing with life and spirit, you went through hell and high water to bring this cup of forgiveness and love. How can I refuse such a cup of life? I will toss the old cup of lukewarm works and pride that I have contaminated over time, and drink up the cup that you have brought me today from your own personal Cistern. Thank you for the rivers of your unfailing love in me. From now on and each day, I will drink only from the running streams that come from Holy Cistern. Come with me My LORD, I want to leave this thirsty state that I am in, and bring this cup of life to others I know are thirsting for more meaning and purpose. Yes thirsty soul, there's more where that came from. That Living Water is more than just a first love. You evaporate yourself when you forget that Living Water comes from Jesus alone, our Holy Cistern. He is the fresh cup we need every morning and every night.

Study 2 Sam. 23:15-18


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